Poster  —  2016

For this design, I was inspired by the consequences of the excessive use of alcohol. The positive effects of being drunk are well known and often stressed (effects such as causiness, being outgoing, euforia,...). On the contrary, the adverse effects are rather underexposed. I chose to accentuate the less happy, somewhat stigmatised effects of alcohol use/abuse.

Therefore I focused on Sergei Korsakoff, the Russian neuropsychiatrist who gave his name to the Korsakoff’s syndrome, wich is a disorder caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency. This deficiency results in permanent memory impairment. Next to Korsakoff’s syndrome, another negative effect of long-term alcohol abuse is liver cirrhosis, a condition in which the functioning of the liver fails.

I designed a poster on this subject and started from the drawing of a vitamin B1 molecule, the image of Sergei Korsakoff and a cirrhotic liver. The photo of Korsakoff is blurred and indistinct. The liver is totally dark and black and the vitamin molecules are, as it were, lying on top, as blind spots on the poster. This is a clear reference to the amnesia or memory loss, which is the main symptom of Korsakoff’s syndrome.